A lot happens in two weeks at Unicorn School!

Christmas Nativity
It was Nursery and Reception Classes’ chance to take the limelight with their nativity performance last week. There was much colour, laughter and merriment from all on stage and from those in the audience too. Well done to all the children and for the staff whose efforts make these such memorable events; we look forward to the Infant Christmas Show and the Junior Christmas Concert next week.

Sporting Successes
The great thing about running to get fit is that it doesn’t require equipment, just courage, perseverance and determination. In fact, in order to run well as a relay team around Keyhole Pond, you probably need elements of all our school virtues to be successful. A huge well done to all the competitors for taking part and for their success; for a small school to come second overall, as the boys did, is one of our best sporting achievements. We had great triumphs too in the Broomfield Swimming Gala, not quite winning overall this year but still doing very well to come second. Our Year 5 and 6 boys and girls also won their netball and football matches against Broomfield.

First place for the sixth consecutive year at the Kingston Festival for Unicorn Singers
Not to be outdone by the sports department, we had victories in music at the Kingston Festival. The Unicorn Singers were awarded first place for the sixth consecutive year, with an Outstanding Award and we had a number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards in the individual competitions.
These accomplishments are admirable, and in some cases extraordinary, for such a small school. They would not happen without the commitment and talent of the teaching staff and also the support of parents and their families.

Family Trees in Year 1
Year 1 had a very special afternoon on Tuesday as they opened up the classroom to show off their family trees. It is always such a wonderful project as they learn much about their family and about history. It is also wonderful because there are so many different ways that they can be presented. No ‘Family Tree’ is similar to another, both in content and design.