School hours

Nursery - Red Class08.20am - 12.00pm
Reception - Orange Class08.20am - 3.25pm (12.00pm on Fridays)
Years 1 and 2 - Yellow and Green08.20am - 3.25pm
Years 3 - 6 - Blue - UV08.20am - 3.35pm (3.25pm on Thursdays)

Years 1 – 6 are accompanied to the front of school by their teacher and collected from there. Once the child has identified the person collecting them, he/she shakes the teacher’s hand, says goodbye and then must stay with their parent.


All children must arrive by 8.20am and once the front door is open go straight to their classrooms for registration. Children arriving before 8.20am should wait with their parents in front of school. Local parking restrictions are in force. Please email absences@unicornschool.org.uk or phone before 9.00am if your child is unwell or write to Mr Thompson in advance if your child needs to be absent for other reasons.

Nursery and Reception – Red/Orange Classes should be taken to their classrooms once the main door is opened. Please go through the hall and across the playground to the Coach House.

Years 1 and 2 – Yellow and Green Classes go through the front door on their own.


A whole-school assembly is held every Monday at 8.45am, sometimes with special guests. Junior assembly is each Friday at 1.15pm; Infant assembly is each Wednesday at 8.30am and parents are invited if their child is taking part.

Collecting Nursery and Reception – Red and Orange Classes

Nursery – Red Class are collected from the Coach House at 12.00pm; Reception – Orange Class at 3.25pm (12.00pm on Fridays). The school will still be working so please walk through quietly.