Our code

We have a Unicorn Code because we want our school to be happy and safe for everyone, so we can all do our best at work and play. The code is reviewed yearly by the children on the School Council together with Mrs Fraley. Parents are asked to read it with their children and sign it.

We can help everyone feel happy in school by showing respect to each other. This means:

  • good manners and equal respect to all teachers, our parents, other adults and children 
  • be kind, friendly and considerate to others 
  • always tell the truth 
  • respect other people’s possessions and their points of view 
  • respect our surroundings by leaving all areas clean and tidy, as you would like to find them 
  • think before you speak and say kind words 
  • avoid being unkind if someone is unkind to you. Talk to your teacher.

We can help other children feel happy and safe at playtime if we:

  • include everyone who wishes to join in our games 
  • invite anyone who seems alone to join in 
  • are friendly to anyone sitting on the Buddy Bench 
  • share and take turns 
  • respect the rules of other children’s games 
  • never tease, call people names or talk behind their backs 
  • never use physical aggression of any sort 
  • play sensibly on the apparatus and look after the equipment, making sure it is all put away 
  • always tell an adult if a child is very unhappy or could be in danger

To keep safe indoors we should:

  • be aware of other people – look where we are going 
  • always walk in the corridors and on the stairs: never jump down the last few stairs 
  • keep to the left 
  • stand aside and open doors for adults and other children 
  • always open and close doors carefully

If we do not keep the code, we may have to:

  • stay on the bench in the playground for part or all of playtime 
  • apologise to the other person, in front of the teacher 
  • talk to our class teacher about what we have done 
  • sit quietly on our own – thinking time 
  • go to the Headmaster, he may telephone your parents and write what you have done in his special file 
  • write a letter of apology 
  • be kept off important activities such as clubs or games 
  • stay in for all or part of break time 
  • do something useful in school or in the playground