Our ethos and aims

Our ethos:

The intentions of the school’s founders still remain at the forefront of our thinking. They created a school that educates children without a hot-house approach which encourages them to flourish creatively and enjoy the process of learning. This is underpinned by parental involvement and the strong community created, with mutual respect and understanding between pupils, parents and staff.

Produces considerate and thoughtful children, we sensed. We were struck by natural, inherent good manners.

The Good Schools Guide

Our aims:

  • to have the child and family at the heart of everything we do
  • to maintain a happy, welcoming environment for children, families and staff
  • to prepare our children to be the best they can be and to establish a lifelong love of learning
  • to have high expectations and to recognise that success comes in many forms
  • to celebrate the kindness, individuality, diversity, talents and achievements of our pupils
  • for learning to be enhanced by a broad curriculum which is embedded with creativity
  • to make the most of our small size and generous staff to pupil ratio to be able to know all our children really well and foster them as individuals
  • to promote emotional, physical, aesthetic, social and intellectual growth.

We also have a Unicorn Code, which is reviewed yearly by the children on the School Council together with Mrs Fraley. You can learn more about our school code here.

It’s not just about learning, but about having fun too

David, a former pupil

Academic results

Unicorn School achieves consistently strong academic results without a ‘hothouse’ approach. Children are not routinely examined, instead we have on-going assessments in a non-pressurised environment. Unicorn children are well prepared by the time they reach the 11+ stage and they move on to a wide range of senior schools.

Parent founded

Unicorn is a parent-founded, family school, where boundaries between parents and staff are dissolved and giving, volunteering, friendship, shared responsibility and the values and joys of childhood are celebrated with an emphasis on creativity, laughter and learning every day. Parents are encouraged to help, if they can, with, cookery, swimming, school trips, taking Thursday clubs or acting as a class rep or even a school Governor.