Life in the Juniors

The Juniors is all about growing more independent and learning about the world. Children have lessons from specialist teachers in art, music, PE and science and are taught to show a flexibility of mind when approaching their learning. Questioning and daring to make mistakes is celebrated as the way to truly learn. Children are often taught in half classes or have support teachers in the classroom which ensures that no-one gets left behind and those who want to can extend their thinking and learning. Reading is a focus with dedicated time to read each day and a well-stocked, staffed library.

A highlight of the Juniors is our weekly ‘clubs’ afternoons where children can get to choose form a myriad of activities from cookery to pottery to sailing. We also take advantage of our location to support learning by doing trips, which exceed 30 a year, to places like Kew Gardens, National Archives as well as further afield such as the Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, Lyric Theatre, Holly Lodge, British Museum, Windsor Castle, Houses of Parliament, V&A and the Roald Dahl Museum.

We work hard in the upper juniors to make sure that children are equipped for life beyond our doors. Unicorn children are confident speakers due to our programme of public speaking activities; they have an understanding of how to be a good citizen when they are out and about and most of all they know the value of kindness and looking out for others.

Year 3 – Blue Class

Year 4 – Indigo Class

Year 5 – Violet Class

Year 6 – Ultra Violet Class

Thursday afternoon Clubs

All the Juniors come off timetable on a Thursday afternoon to take part in a variety of clubs, including, art, chess, cookery, computer, fencing, golf, pottery, riding, squash, tennis, Whooshpop science, Badminton, gardening, photography, mindfulness and sailing.