Arts and Culture Week

The week before half term we were inundated with birds during our Arts and Culture Week; Birds of every description and colour! The excitement added even more joy and vibrance to Unicorn and the grand finale puppet performance by the whole school was truly magical. Weeks like this encompass all that is special about Unicorn. Its creativity, comradery and also making things happen in that slightly informal way. Our puppeteers, Tony, Carol, Anna and Leah from Creation Myth Puppets have bene amazing, demonstrating talent, energy and, as you can imagine, a good deal of patience as well. Mrs Washington, our Head of Art, was key to the week happening, starting the organisation of the details of arts week many months ago so that we were all prepared for what was to come. Thank you to all the teachers for their patience and understanding as the fun and unpredictable nature of arts week took its course.



A number of children took part in the Richmond Swimming gala heats with some terrific swimming, cheering and kindness displayed – well done to all. We have also had further success in hockey fixtures as sport at Unicorn continues to go from strength to strength.

Our Years 3 and 4 are very excited to be leaving for their residential visit to Sayers Croft this week. I am sure they will be well rested and prepared for this thrilling annual event.