Happy 50th birthday Unicorn School

Back to school

It has been so wonderful to have a busy vibrant school at last; it feels as though we are back as a community once again. I know it is still difficult for many parents as you look at the school from the outside, but I am sure you are thankful that your children are finally back to school full time. There have been plenty of smiles and a few tears; readjusting to school life has been a bit daunting for some. Once the days are up and running, however, we have the usual bustle of work, the sounds of play and happiness, and the atmosphere of excitement as the children are with their friends again, following a routine that has been absent for so many months. Well done in particular to the children who have started at Unicorn for the first time this term. Red Class, our nursery, appear to have settled in brilliantly to their new mornings.

Unicorns do exist! Unicorn School 50 years old

On Monday 21 September, we will be celebrating the school’s 50th birthday. Fifty years on, the school has come a long way from the village hall venue (that had to be packed up on a daily basis) and second-hand furniture reclaimed from a GLC furniture dump! We cover much more than the National Curriculum, focusing on developing social skills, resilience and a love of learning at all ages, with our ethos remaining as strong today as it was at the beginning.
The children will be invited to wear a T shirt the colour of their class for the day, or a similarly colourful T shirt if they don’t have one. This will add extra colour to this memorable day and each bubble will have an extended lunch break.