Happy to be back at school

The children are all settled into their new classes and adjusting to the new routine and new expectations as they get older.


We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our parent workshop with Gill Hines; some of you will have heard her speak before and know that she offers amazing advice, giving greater understanding to parents on a variety of issues.

You may have noticed that I disappeared for a couple of days this week as I was part of an inspection team at another junior school. It is invaluable that I, and other members of staff, get out and see other schools and attend training courses, so that we can bring our experiences back to Unicorn. Part of our vision is to be ‘forward-looking’ and although we learn a lot from talking with each other and reading, to really understand how education is evolving, we have to be out and about talking to others in the field. I will be away again in a couple of weeks’ time for a few days at the annual IAPS Heads’ Conference.

I hope your children have a good rest over the weekend; the importance of giving them time to be at home and relax cannot be underestimated.