Just some of the things that happen at Unicorn School in a week or two!

I visited Brighton College for a thought provoking conference on a variety of issues ranging from, pupils’ capacity to use knowledge creatively to character education, and from homophobic bullying in schools to the use of plastics. The world of education is complicated but the conference gave greater strength to my belief in the excellence of the education provided by Unicorn and that many schools are still catching up with a form of education that we have been part of since the 1970s. Developing creativity and character have always been great strengths of our school.

Doing our bit for the environment
Reducing plastics is clearly something that we can get involved with straightaway as a community. I am talking to School Council and our Eco Warriors about ideas to reduce plastic at Unicorn. With a concerted and deliberate effort by staff, pupils and parents, I am sure we can quickly reduce our part in this area of pollution, so effectively brought to our attention by David Attenborough.

Unicorn’s Future Schools Evening
Thank you to those of you who attended our Future Schools evening, it was fascinating to hear these school leaders speak. The schools appear to be very different on the surface but, evidently, there are also many similarities and, most importantly, the wellbeing of the pupils is at the forefront of their minds. Unicorn works very closely with senior schools and I hope those of you in attendance felt comforted to hear how we communicate with each other to ensure the right decisions are made. There are lots of schools in the South East of England and there are schools for every child, we just need to continue with the process of educating your children and communicating openly, honestly and regularly with you.

Tea Time Music Concert
We had our first Tea Time Music Concert last week and what a wonderful occasion it was. There was lots of music, laughter and food which were appreciated by all. The range of music on offer was spectacular. Thank you to the children for performing, parents for attending, music teachers for preparing and of course Mrs Eccleston for organising the event. We are looking forward to the next one in a couple of weeks’ time.

The confidence in Unicorn children
I was disappointed not to be able to attend our Nursery Assembly, however, I did manage to watch their ‘dress rehearsal’ earlier in the week. They are a wonderful class and their teachers have done a wonderful job settling them in at Unicorn this year. It must be scary, at their age, speaking in front of the school and parents and so they should all be very proud of themselves. They have also made magical contributions to our half termly Celebration Assemblies and last week was no exception. Well done to the children in all year groups who were celebrated; these assemblies demonstrate that confidence in Unicorn pupils continues to grow and they also show the breadth of activities that they can be celebrated for in school.

Glorious weather for our Year 5 and 6 trips
It just leaves me to wish Year 5 and Year 6 the very best of luck for their trips away next week; they will bring back memories for life. They will learn new things, strengthen relationships and have lots of fun. I am always very envious when they head off on these trips, as I am sure you are. We wish them well.