Recommended books

We are regularly asked by parents for advice on which books to encourage their children to read. Compiling a reading list which can be useful for everyone is, however, still difficult. Children have different interests according to gender and personality.  They mature at different rates and therefore what might be one child’s easy read may be a challenge for their classmate.  

We have divided our suggests into two main lists:  contemporary and classic children’s fiction.  In addition, we have listed a few adult novels which our most advanced readers may enjoy.  Of course the lists are not exhaustive and we would welcome your ideas of authors and titles we have missed.

Supporting your child’s reading development at home   

When choosing books with your children, encourage them to take an interest.  We suggest:   

  • Discussing the title
  • Discussing the front cover·      
  • Reading the blurb
  • Predicting what the story will be about
  • Reminding your child about other books you have enjoyed by the same author.