From Land’s End to John O Groats (well very nearly anyway!)

Chitty, chitty, bang, bang!

On Thursday, Red Class (Nursery) took us on board a wonderfully adventurous train journey as part of their assembly. Along the way they were able to show many of the fabulous things they have produced over the year. They spoke clearly, sang vibrantly and appeared so proud of what they were doing – as of course were their families and friends watching on. They have grown up so much since September and their confidence and enjoyment in assembly is a credit to all Red Class teachers.

Red Class ass

Walk to School Week
Next week, your children can do their little bit to look after the environment and being more healthy by taking an active part in ‘Walk to School Week’; perhaps everyone could make the effort to walk at least part of their journey. Parking a few blocks further away, for those of you who live further afield, would be an easy and excellent way to take part. Let’s see if we can all do our bit.
Through to the finals of the National Youth Music Festival
We are thrilled that following the Unicorn Singer’s performance in Sutton at the National Youth Music Festival, they have been invited to the finals which will be held in Birmingham on Thursday 6 July.
Junior Music Concert
We were delighted to listen to so many talented Unicorn musicians play at the concert last week. They did wonderfully well to perform so well at such an early stage of the term. As well as singing beautifully, it was exciting to hear the various instrumental ensembles perform with such character. I make no secret that it is a favourite part of my job listening to young Unicorn musicians and seeing their progress from term to term.
National Inter-School Quiz Competition Semi-finals
A huge well done to our General Knowledge teams, Tom, Elicia, Lachy, Lottie, Amelia, Orla, Eddy and Ralph. To have two teams through to the next stage is virtually unheard of. They did brilliantly to come 4th and 7th and we await hearing if that is enough for one of the teams to reach the next round.
From Land’s End to John O Groats (well very nearly anyway!)
We look forward to our Year 5s returning today, sunned and a bit weary from their adventures in Cornwall over the past week and wish our Year 6s the best of luck for their trip to Cumbria, leaving on Sunday. These residential trips have stood the test of time, are highlights of the children’s time at Unicorn and an important part of their education. We look forward to hearing all their stories upon their return.
Loe beach 3