So much happens in the space of 2 weeks at Unicorn School!

Well we have survived/enjoyed the heat wave and can now resume normality with fresher weather! The children have been super during the hot spell, working hard, taking part on school trips and sports events and enjoying having their lunches outside. I know I am biased, but the informality of Unicorn shines through at this time of year and I am very fortunate to be part of this school.

Extreme generosity has been shown this morning as we remember those affected by the awful incident at Grenfell Tower. We have been quite low key in our explanations to the pupils but there have been periods of reflection about this and other incidents during these difficult times. As communities around the country have come together to show solidarity, it is worth acknowledging the fantastic community we have at Unicorn and how we are always doing our very best for each other.

From Macbeth to The Rocky Monster Show!

The children continue to have so many creative opportunities at Unicorn and in recent weeks this has included music concerts, sports days, art competitions and class assemblies/productions. Our Year 2 gave a wonderful assembly and I was sorry to miss Year 5’s production of Macbeth. Fortunately, I have the video and am once again amazed at the level of their performance. They truly get a fantastic range of experiences at Unicorn and their talents, along with the ambitions of Miss Timpson and other teachers, enable them to perform to such a high level. Every one of them should be incredibly proud of themselves. We are very much looking forward to Year 6’s production of The Rocky Monster Show in the last week of term.

The Unicorn Singers consistently perform at a high level and we wish them luck as they travel to Birmingham for the National Music Festival for Youth before the end of term. Art also continues to thrive and we were delighted by the success of some pupils who entered the Picture Play – pixel art competition at Orleans Gallery.