From running marathons to performing Macbeth!

Running a marathon!
Our Year 6s have been running a mile a day, with the intention of completing 26 miles, the marathon distance, by the end of term. This is a tremendous initiative and is enhancing comradery, as well as fitness of the children – no wonder they enjoyed the ‘long run’ at the start of Sports Day so much! Although not blessed with sunshine on the day, the cool conditions were well suited to sports and the picnic afterwards and this special annual Unicorn event was packed with fun and sportsmanship throughout.

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble …
Our Year 5s were certainly on fire with their magnificent performance of Macbeth last week. I have received some extraordinarily positive comments from parents, family members and staff. The children showed remarkable talent and the time spent rehearsing for this is invaluable for their confidence and preparation for so many aspects of their education in the future. Some seasoned Macbeth watchers have said how much they enjoyed the performance and were taken aback by the ‘professionalism’ of all involved. All the junior classes have had a taste of Shakespeare this week, with various workshops at school before going to see a production of The Merchant of Venice at The Orange Tree Theatre. Although not quite Shakespeare, I am glad that our Years 1 and 2 enjoyed their trips to Legoland and the Horniman Museum, respectively.

A visit from an Ethiopian secondary school teacher
We were delighted to be visited by Amlaku, a secondary school teacher from Ethiopia, together with representatives from Link Ethiopia. The children and staff listened to them with great interest in assembly and during classroom visits, even getting to try some Ethiopian bread! They were thrilled with our book donations, which will be sent to the London office before being shipped to Ethiopia.

Unicorns really are magic!
The last weeks of the Summer Term are always very busy and all the staff do an amazing job to ensure everything runs smoothly. Not only have I observed the wonderful teaching that goes on, but also the efforts from the whole team to ensure everything works for the good of the pupils. I sometimes question whether Unicorn is ‘unique’ or simply ‘distinctive’. After some of the things that I have witnessed recently, I can confidently say that it remains ‘unique’ – a wonderful community to be part of.