Unicorn School’s many virtues

Kindness and good manners
We are now more than three weeks into the term, which has been as busy and energetic as ever. We continue with our emphasis on kindness and good manners, and I am delighted to have received many positive comments about the children from parents and visitors alike. Alongside all the wonderful education that your children receive, the idea that they can show kindness and compassion is surely just as important. Some evidence of this has been seen in the way new pupils have been welcomed by their classmates and around the school, fitting in as though they have been here for many terms already.

One of our school virtues is collaboration, and teamwork has been in evidence on the sports field, with some excellent results and also with the General Knowledge teams who competed terrifically well in the annual General Knowledge tournament. This competition is for independent schools of all sizes and it amazes me each year how well we do considering the size of our school.

Focusing on the environment
The School Committee had a successful meeting last week and there are lots of events planned for the next couple of terms; some social and some fundraising, some for children and others for parents and staff. I am delighted that alongside raising money for West London Action for Children, we will be focusing on the Environment this year and putting our efforts into reducing our carbon footprint. We will be highlighting elements of the curriculum that involve environmental considerations and tweaking it in certain areas to lay more emphasis there.

Oh the places you’ll go!
Orange Class (Reception) had a wonderful trip to the Brooklands Museum on a lovely, sunny (if cold!) day. Thank you to all who volunteered to help on this trip and for those accompanying Yellow Class (Year 1) to the Water and Steam Museum and Green Class (Year 2) to the Natural History Museum.

Empathy, friendships and the 11+
UV have just about finished their exams. They have been an example to us all with their hard work, considered approach and empathy with each other. Their close friendships have been in evidence, wishing as much good fortune for others as for themselves. Thank you to the role parents have played in this sensible approach to a busy period and to our Year 6 teachers for communicating appropriately with pupils and parents as required. We wish them all the best of luck as results start to come through, with the understanding that they have all tried their very best.