Tseda First Cycle School, Ethiopia, ICT Club and Good Manners!

Letters from Tseda First Cycle School, Ethiopia

I was delighted to open our first package from Tseda First Cycle School, our link school in Ethiopia. It was heart-warming to read the pupils’ letters, which are now displayed in the school hall. We are looking forward to developing what is fundamentally an educational link with this school, but there will be opportunities to support them in some form in the future.

Formula 1 action in ICT Club at Unicorn!

Thursday clubs are such an important part of Unicorn life. I was particularly thrilled by my visit to Mrs Walcot’s club this week, where a pupil had written and produced a racing game and two younger pupils were playing against each other; I was utterly taken aback by the sophistication of the game. The computer coding curriculum has been wonderfully successful and here was clear evidence of its success. Well done to Sammy in Year 6 for writing this programme and being able to see it being played in such an enjoyable way.

Manners maketh a good person!

Last Friday afternoon I was ‘serious’ Mr Thompson as I spoke to all the Juniors about their behaviour. I used the word behaviour as an umbrella term for good manners, courtesy, respect, etiquette and kindness. I am looking to see more children opening doors, saying thank you, listening and generally showing the kind spirit we expect of our pupils at Unicorn. I have asked the staff to encourage this positive behaviour and the children to think and make good choices.