Unicorn’s special assemblies

We have been treated to some very special assemblies in the last couple of weeks; our ‘Singing Assembly’ was transformed into a musical feast with the orchestra performing beautifully. I was lucky enough to hear it three times; the rehearsal, the performance and the ‘encore!’ Our Head of Music has been very skilful in drawing together our different musicians to be able to produce such a performance still relatively early in the year. This just wets our appetite leading up to the Junior Christmas Concert and other concerts later in the year. Last week, our Year 6 led a very moving Remembrance Assembly. Considering there were four year olds in the Hall, it was pitched perfectly, with children reading poems and explaining what remembrance is. There was a powerful film shown and then a unique arrangement of The Last Post, played by the guitar ensemble. The two minutes silence was observed impeccably by all.

Anti-bullying week

This week we are focusing on kindness and awareness of others as part of a national anti-bullying week. We have sent home with each family a ‘Say NO to bullying’ booklet – a handbook for parents that I hope you may find useful. No school can assume that bullying does not happen and at Unicorn we endeavour to do all we can to prevent it.

Sporting endeavours

We have had further sporting success over the last couple of weeks including the girls’ annual team cross country event in Wimbledon with the boys competing in their cross country on Friday. These are very exciting afternoons and opportunities for the children to genuinely demonstrate physical and mental perseverance and show great comradery.