Termly fees for 2022/2023:

ClassTermly feesTermly lunch
Nursery - Red Class (mornings only)£2,730
Reception - Orange Class£4,490£75
Years 1 and 2 - Yellow and Green Class£4,745£95
Years 3 - 6 - Blue to Ultra Violet Classes£5,010£110

Unicorn School offers the Universal 15 hours Early Education Funding for 3 and 4 year olds.  We do not participate in the Extended 15 hour Funding scheme.

The school is incorporated as a limited liability company whose share capital is guaranteed by the members. One parent from each family is a member of the company whose guarantee is limited to £1.00. The school is registered as an Educational Charity, number 312578.

Unicorn is a non-profit-making company. Fees are invoiced by e-mail and fall due on the first day of each term.  In the case of withdrawal of a child, one full term‘s notice in writing must be given, by the last day of the previous term, or one term‘s fees paid in lieu of notice.

We offer a fees refund scheme, in case a pupil is unable to attend due to illness or accident, and a pupils’ personal accident insurance scheme. Both are optional. Please ask the School Bursar for details.

For a more detailed breakdown of current costs, please click here. Special educational needs lessons, individual music lessons, certain clubs, outings and field study trips are charged as extras.

For details of our bursary scheme, please click here.