Bursary FAQs

How do I apply?

  • At Unicorn School, we are inclusive and pride ourselves on fairness and consistency. As such, all our bursary applications are independently assessed by an external company, who are expert in this field (Bursary Administration Ltd).
  • Please email the Bursar (bursar@unicornschool.org.uk) or call on 0208 948 3926. The Bursar will be happy to explain the process to you.
  • To make a formal application you will need to read through our in-depth information, complete detailed forms and agree to extensive enquiries about yourself, your family and your child.
  • Application Form: The Bursar will provide you with this.
  • Please note that all applications must be sent directly to: Bursary Administration Ltd (by email or post) and not sent to the school to maintain the integrity of our scheme.
  • Bursary Administration Ltd will contact you to arrange a meeting (usually via Zoom) to validate the information you have provided.
  • They will then produce a confidential independent report which will be sent to the school. Please note that timescales may vary depending upon their workload.
  • Final recommendations from this report produced will then be reviewed by a sub-committee of Governors, who will decide whether a Bursary is granted.

How will new children to the school be selected?

  • We follow our admissions policy for all children.
  • Once a child is offered a place, then parents/guardians can apply can apply for a bursary.
  • The usual bursary application process should be followed as outlined above.

Is the scheme only available to new families?

  • No, as outlined below any current Unicorn family may also apply for bursaries should their financial circumstances change. This will be assessed against the usual criteria.
  • The school also currently operates a hardship fund which supports families who have a change of circumstances. Given the very limited funds, it operates to help children who are in the latter part of Juniors, to ensure that they do not have to leave as they approach the crucial 11+ stage. This scheme will continue.

Will bursary children take priority over siblings and children of Old Unicorns?

  • We follow our admissions policy for all children.

If a child receives a bursary, will their siblings also automatically receive one?

  • This is not guaranteed and will depend on whether there are other more deserving applicants available.

Will uniform/trips be paid for as part of bursaries?

  • School trips such as those to Sayers Croft, Devon or Cumbria, will be paid for as part of the bursary programme. Optional day trips will not. Uniform will not in general be paid for as part of the scheme.

Will every bursary be 100%?

  • No, there will be a scale depending on the income and assets of the family that is applying.
  • Bursaries can either be full or partial.
  • They can range from 10% up to 100%, although it is worth stressing that the actual award will be at the discretion of the school and the Governors.
  • Any family with an income of more than £50,000 per annum is unlikely to receive any bursary funding.

How will the scheme be funded?

• We have an established bursary fund and are most grateful to alumni and current parents who have given generously so far to help us keep this support going.