Ancient Egypt to #tuneup Tuesday!

3,000 years old – Year 3 bring Ancient Egypt to dramatic life!
Congratulations to our Year 3s for a wonderful assembly on the Ancient Egyptians which was live zoomed to parents. It was packed with information, lively singing and a superb drama performance on the life of Howard Carter. The next performances to be zoomed will be the EYFS and Infants’ Christmas shows and then more Class Assemblies throughout the year. We do, however, hope that at some time during the year you will be able to come in and watch these assemblies live!

Busy through lockdown
Although we have had to cancel our ‘before and after’ school clubs since half term, we have been busy in school. Beyond the usual curricular and extra-curricular lessons and activities that take place we have also had: Reception Class’ walk to the Post Office – there was much excitement about this trip, Year 1’s local area walk, Celebration Assemblies for all classes, Halloween mufti day, a very special UV Remembrance Assembly as well as the Year 3 Assembly mentioned above. The staff continue with professionalism, hard work and humour, to give the children the wide range of experiences the pupils deserve, in spite of the strange times we are living through.


#tuneup Tuesday
Unicorn is also participating in “#tuneup Tuesday.’’ All schools are being encouraged to embrace ‘#tuneup Tuesday’ and make it a national celebration of the positive impact of the arts on young people. As a school that for 50 years has encouraged its pupils to flourish creatively, it is only right that we take part in this event. Each class will have a chance, either through music, art or dance, to celebrate the arts and the positive impact it has on their lives and ours.

Good luck to our Year 6
We wish our Year 6 good luck as many of them will be taking an 11+ exam, brought forward to November as a result of the pandemic. They have been an amazing class this term, understanding that there are some differences to the process this year but also recognising that school and their school work, continues as normal as we strive to maintain a broad and balanced curriculum. The last few months the education sector as a whole has been reflecting on the National Curriculum and the relevance of it to children today. We do not expect a root and branch change from the DfE, but you will recognise that technology, environmental concerns and issues on diversity and inclusion are all topics that require proactive thought at Unicorn, as we carry out our regular review of the curriculum.