Headmaster’s welcome

In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of schools set up by parents and teachers disillusioned with standards of education. Unicorn School was founded on these very same views almost fifty years ago, to create a school that educates children while simultaneously encouraging them to flourish creatively and enjoy the process of learning.

Parent interaction with the school is strong and we encourage parental help in the Unicorn community as much as possible, whether helping with reading or swimming, on school trips, or running a Thursday club.

Our ethos is just as strong today, with a curriculum covering more than the National Curriculum so that every child can find areas of personal strength. In Infant classes, the school focuses on developing social skills and a love of learning through educational play, believing that children whose curiosity is nurtured will thrive in our Junior classes.

Although it is usual for parents to register their child early, places do sometimes become available throughout the school.

Please get in touch to arrange a visit and discover the magic of Unicorn.

Kit Thompson