Sunflower project

Sunflowers are a symbol of life, they grow and reach for the light and they are also a symbol of hope and healing. School Committee has come up with a lovely idea to launch a Unicorn ‘Sunflower’ project where the children are invited to create any artwork of a Sunflower – painting, drawing, collage, papier mache, sculpture etc. As well as showcasing them here, we would also like to mount as many as possible in school to create a Wall of Sunflowers.

Children currently in school will be planting sunflower seeds to grow and it would be wonderful if children at home could also do this with a view to bringing them in at some point. Hopefully the sunflowers can be united and planted in the playground before too long! Please send in any photos to Mrs Jones of your children planting the seeds and as they grow and of any artwork your child/ren produces.

Later in the year the seeds can be harvested and eaten, or fed to the birds as well as being replanted for years to come.