Still a fun and vibrant school – 48 years old this week!

A fun and vibrant school
I am delighted to have welcomed you all back after the summer holidays, in particular our new families. The first ten days of term have been fun and vibrant, just what we want Unicorn School to be.

Young Dizzie Brasscals!
I am still coming back down to earth after listening to, and participating in, the wonderful brass workshop and concert we had at the end of school on Wednesday. Not much surprises me at Unicorn, but this was something very different. I do hope it inspires some children to take up a brass instrument, or any other instrument for that matter. We will certainly have them back again in a couple of years’ time so that some of the younger ones will get a chance to listen to them.

A Caring Community
My assembly to the Juniors on Friday was about ‘A Caring Community’ and in that respect, I would be most grateful if you could speak to your children about the importance of kindness and working together. I have asked them to think about one thing they can do each day to make the school a happy place for everyone. A strength of our school is its informality and allowing the children to express themselves; we want them to be happy and safe when at school.

Unicorn is 48 year old!
Thursdays are important days in the Unicorn calendar over the following three weeks. This Thursday we celebrate Unicorn’s 48th birthday. I am sure those of you with a long association with the school will be amazed at the time that has gone by since 1970 when the school was opened. With the 50th approaching there will be plenty of time to reminisce as we start thinking about our plans to celebrate.

Pupil Welfare Workshops for Parents
On Thursday 27th, we have the first of our Pupil Welfare workshops ‘Understanding and supporting anxiety in primary aged children’. This will be open for parents of infant aged children. The following Thursday there will be a similar workshop for the parents of Juniors.