Remembrance Assembly and Anti Bullying Week

We started last week with a moving Remembrance assembly given by our Year 6 Class, which provided us with the opportunity to stop and reflect. We have been thinking about kindness and the slightly uneasy topic of ‘bullying’ as we joined in with other schools across the country as part of anti-bullying week. I think Remembrance assembly and the anti-bullying workshops have a link in terms of tolerance and respect. Just as we gave time to pay respect to those who died fighting for our freedom, so the children have also learnt the importance of respecting each other on a daily basis; respecting our similarities and our differences. As individuals we all have strengths and weaknesses, good days and bad days. In a community like ours, we learn to celebrate and appreciate each other, and how to work and play together.

The children are very young at primary school age and we do expect a lot from them. I am sure that having had the opportunity to reflect in various remembrance events, and then working together to think about bullying, many of them will have a greater understanding of respect and tolerance than perhaps they did the week before.

Assemblies, Nativities, Concerts and more!

Over the next few weeks there are a number of school performances taking place. Year 3’s Class assembly, Nursery and Reception’s nativity, Year 1 and 2’s Christmas production and the concert at the Barn Church for the juniors. It can be a very happy time for children and staff alike. I have already seen the enthusiasm in which all Year 3 are preparing for their assembly and I know this will be the same for other classes. At a time of year when there are often disruptions through illness, and the children getting very tired, we continue to appreciate the efforts of everyone and encourage them to enjoy the range of opportunities on offer at school.