Our new kitchen

Food, Glorious Food!

We are thrilled with the success of our new kitchen and catering staff from Palmer and Howells. Chef David and his colleagues, Miss Jenny and Miss Birute, have produced some delicious meals which are varied, balanced, homemade and healthy; the children are all saying how much they are enjoying them. Some of the meals they’ve had this week include meatballs in slow cooked tomato sauce with pasta, spinach, sage and pea oven baked gnocchi, chicken breast with a BBQ glaze, bread crumbed pork Katsu curry, broccoli, mixed cherry and caramelised red onion filo tart with vegetable sides, or a salad selection, pasta or jacket potato bar option finished off with a dessert; apple and berry crumble, chocolate brownie with ice cream, and banana muffins.

Sample Lunch Menu

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Meal Shepherd’s pie Roast gammon Chicken & pork Fish pie with Chicken parmesan,
    with herb sausages smoked salmon, steamed rice
    potatoes   prawns & dill  
Vegetarian Sweet potato & 3 cheese pasta Vegetarian Falafel burger  Mixed bean
Meal spinach chick pea bake sausages garlic aioli enchiladas with
  curry, coconut rice       salsa, sour cream
Sides Assorted vegs Roast carrots and Creamy mash Chunky chips,  Garlic bread
  Gravy broccoli potato, onion peas, baked Mediterranean
      gravy, peas beans, tartare vegetables
      and sweetcorn sauce / gravy  
Extras Jacket potato or Jacket potato or Jacket potato or Jacket potato or Jacket potato or
  pasta, Coronation pasta, Carbonara pasta Chilli con pasta, Chicken pasta, Pesto or
  chicken or or tomato and  carne or Tuna curry or simple tomato
  cheese & beans basil sauce and sweetcorn cheesy slaw sauce
Dessert Waffle with mixed Homemade Rice Mixed berry Fruit & yoghurt Peach crumble
  berry sauce Krispies bar sponge, cream   with custard