Unicorn School song

In 1970, when Unicorn School began, Mrs Felicia Law, the founding Headmistress, asked a parent, Bert Chappell, to compose a school song using this poem written by E V Rieu in 1962. We always sing the Unicorn song at the end of term assembly:

The Unicorn stood, like a king in a dream,
On the bank of a dark Senegambian stream;
And flaming flamingoes flew over his head,
As the African sun rose in purple and red.

He followed the paths where the jungle beasts go,
And he walked with a step that was stately and slow;
But he threw not a shadow and made not a sound,
And his foot was as light as the wind on the ground.

Who knows what the thoughts of a Unicorn are
When he shines on the world like a rising star;
When he comes from the magical pages of story
In the pride of his horn and a halo of glory?

“What a wonderful world!’ He was heard to exclaim;
“It is better than books: it is sweeter than fame!
“Oh, speak to me, dark Senegambian stream,
And prove that my beauty is more than a dream!”